You will be in the hotel (not in the hospital!)

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Many customers have called us to find out what measures we have adopted to prevent pademia’s infections. For this reason I decided to show all the measures we adopted last summer and which we plan to propose again so that Summer 2022 is also a real holiday that can allow you to relax as you deserve!

In Gabicce Mare, as in all Italian cities, a distance of at least one meter from non-cohabiting people is recommended and we count on everyone’s responsibility and common sense, respecting everyone. For this to happen we have placed signs so that everyone can remember it! Upon arrival you will find the totem on the left with all the information on the behavior to be adopted, while the Hygiene Area columns will be scattered in different points of the hotel to allow you to disinfect your hands when needed. If you cannot keep your distance, in any case it is good to keep a mask on hand.

Upon your arrival we will give you your disinfected key, which you will return to us at the end of your stay. For payment at the end of the stay, it is advisable to use electronic payments, possibly contactless.

Last year we have renewed the WI-FI system with professional devices that will allow you to have internet connection with greater coverage. The system is connected to the Tourist Application, if you download it to your smartphone you can send the identity documents of the room occupants, necessary for registration without having to leave them at check in, you will have the connection for the whole stay without having to enter a password, and you will have chat available.

Igienizzante mani


We have eliminated some tables so that between one chair and that of the other table there is at least one meter away. Where this is not possible, we will insert transparent panels between one chair and another.
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The BUFFET – to avoid the usual queue at the vegetable buffet for lunch and dinner, which certainly nobody likes, much less those who will watch over our behavior, we will serve what we left in the past self-service. So sit down at your table and let our specialties be served.

THE MENU – To avoid too many contacts, we will not collect the menus as we usually did, but will remain on the tables.

There will also be signs in the restaurant to remind you that staying at least one meter is worthwhile!

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At each departure, the room as usual will be thoroughly cleaned and from this year it will be disinfected with certified products. The cleaning staff will wear a new mask and gloves for each room.


The lift is good to use it individually or with people living together, as the sign indicates nicely.

Anyone experiencing suspicious symptoms should stay in the room and notify the reception by telephone, who will notify the medical guard.


Also on the beach the distancing rule is valid. In fact, our lifeguards had already positioned the umbrellas at a distance greater than that which the Marche Region is asking for in order to guarantee safety, but in the past years they have further distanced that this summer you will have even more space under the umbrella!

The children will be able to play on the games that the establishment makes available, but the parents will have to pay attention to the number of children present so that there is not too much crowding. All “dynamic” activities for which true animation was probably suspended were banned.

Here are the precautions that the Marche Region requires on the beaches:
➡️ 1 meter is the minimum distance that must be kept between people under an umbrella, in the common areas, during a walk, while swimming, in the play and leisure areas.
➡️ 1.5 meters is the minimum distance that must be kept between the equipment of the adjacent umbrellas (the Region is considering bringing it to 1 meter).
➡️ 2 meters is the minimum distance between the beds positioned on the beach without an umbrella or on a free beach (the Region is considering bringing it to 1.5 meters).
👉Distances are derogable between those who live together.
👉Under the umbrella, in the same instant, there can be a number of people such as to allow the distance of 1 meter.
👉The main rule is the sense of responsibility that each of us must have.


May 23 – Stakes just planted at a safe distance



In town you can walk, shop, enjoy homemade ice cream, just like at home, but you can savor the smell of the sea and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets as only Gabicce Mare can offer you!

… and don’t forget our NATURAL PARK, San Bartolo is our green “lung”, it gives us the afternoon breeze that only in Gabicce you can find, the whole Riviera envies us, and is an exclusive resource for YOU!

Gabicce Mare and all the staff of the Hotel Cavalluccio Marino wish you one


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