I pay 50% first with a 15% reduction Prepaid reservation, with the possibility of changing the date! Are you looking for an attractive discount without date restrictions? The FLEXY offer -15% is the one for you, book and pay now so block the BEST PRICE! Promotion valid only for ONLINE BOOKINGS, made at least 30 [...]


Exceptional offer! To those who will stay from 2  consecutive days, -10%! Offer reserved for stays with full board and half board. IT DOESN'T require a deposit, but the communication of the guarantee card (without withdrawal, the amount of the first night will be taken only in case of no-show) ... but in case of [...]

500° Raffaello – Urbino

Italy in 2020 celebrated the 500th anniversary of RAFFAELLO's death! 2020 was the year of Raffaello Sanzio which marked 500 years after the death of the great artist from Urbino, a genius of the Italian Renaissance. At the National Museum of the Marche, inside the Ducal Palace of Urbino, the collection of many works by [...]


Exceptional proposal! Any type and length of stay, -20%! Provides 100% advance payment without reimbursement by the Hotel, unless you have insured the amount with Allianz as suggested in the conditions, the insurance company will reimburse you the amount you have chosen. Non-refundable (we recommend insurance of the amount paid) Does not provide for the change [...]


Four mysteries on the slopes of San Bartolo Nature, history, mystery, sea and archeology: these are ingredients that magically merge to create an unusual weekend to discover breathtaking places and fascinating legends. You are ready? You just have to take the panoramic route that leads from Gabicce Mare to Pesaro, zigzagging among the lush nature [...]

VILLA IMPERIALE – Parco San Bartolo

Guided tours of the Villa Imperiale of Pesaro – summer 2018 ► every Wednesday from 30 May to 26 September ► Thursday 16 August ► on Saturdays: 23 June, 11 and 18 August, 15 September CLASSICAL VISITING ROUTE (frescoed rooms included): ► Wednesday from 30 May to 26 September: departure: 4.00 pm Piazzale della Libertà, […]

The gilded bronzes from Cartoceto of Pergola

The “Bronzi Dorati da Cartoceto di Pergola” is the only group of gilded bronzes in the world dating from Ancient Roman times still in existence. They most likely represent a family group, originally two female figures, cloaked and veiled, and two horsemen in high-ranking military garb with richly ornamented horses. OPEN TIMES January February March […]


4th Edition:    15 – 16 – 17 June 2018 4 DAYS OF PARTY – 15 COCKTAIL ’70 –  30 DEEJAY – 60 HOURS OF SHOW Gabicce is certainly the Italian “homeland” of Disco Music. Its hill and its beach, clubs such as Baia Imperiale (former Bay of Angels) and Eden Rock, were the first stages from which the discomania began to […]

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