The gilded bronzes from Cartoceto of Pergola

The “Bronzi Dorati da Cartoceto di Pergola” is the only group of gilded bronzes in the world dating from Ancient Roman times still in existence. They most likely represent a family group, originally two female figures, cloaked and veiled, and two horsemen in high-ranking military garb with richly ornamented horses. OPEN TIMES January February March […]


4th Edition: 15 – 16 – 17 June 2018 4 DAYS OF PARTYS – 15 COCKTAILS 70 – 30 DEEJAY – 60 HOURS OF SHOW Gabicce is certainly the Italian “homeland” of Disco Music. Its hill and its beach, places like Baia Imperiale (formerly Baia degli Angeli) and Eden Rock, were the first stages from […]

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