International Bicycle Touring Weeks
Spectacular tours with tastings of local delicacies during Summer 2021

A beautiful adventure on bike:

Welcome to the discovery tours along 7 beautiful routes through the marvelous countryside of the Romagna and the Marches, where adventurers on bike can admire castles, fortified dwellings in distant valleys, history, art and culture and the extraordinary cuisine!

For those who would like to follow their friends or relatives, we are planning a seven-day excursion to the destinations to visit the most interesting places waiting for the cyclists to arrive. Take a look at the site, if you book first will cost less!


In order to enjoy our territory on the bike, we have modified the historical event by accentuating the “Tourist” character. The departure will be in the French way, therefore free departure and you will follow the route of the day each at the pace that you deem best. You participate in total autonomy along the routes of the stage, at your preferred speed and pace, following the arrows in the color of the day. The roads are obviously open to traffic and the highway code is in force.
The black route will be the QUEEN STAGE of the event
Instead of the time trial, there will be the spectacular KING OF THE MOUNTAIN Gabicce Mare – Gabicce Monte.
You will be able to participate in “ANALOGUE” mode starting from 08:00 to 10:00 following the arrows or the Gpx track, considering that you must return to Gabicce by 14:00 You will have to endorse the Participation Book at the start, at the “turning point” in the stage location and in the finish area showing the mileage on your cycle computer.
But the simplest will be the “DIGITAL” Mode Strava Contest. You can register for the Contest through your Strava account:
The departure of each stage is autonomous “French style”, follow the arrows or the Gpx track, considering that you must return to Gabicce and close the stage by 19:00
·  In the Start Zone you activate the recording of the track on your device
·   Follow the stage with your preferred times and pace
.   Once back in Gabicce, “close” the track in the Arrival Area
If you don’t have a Strava account, you can still create a free one when signing up

04 June – 10 September  Applications at the Cinema Teatro Astra in Viale della Repubblica, 20 Gabicce Mare from 15:00 to 21:00. 21:00 Welcome and presentation of the tours.
05 June – 11 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Mombaroccio and return to Gabicce Mare (58 km). look at the path
06 June – 12 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Montefiore and return to Gabicce Mare. (56,49 km) look at the path
07 June – 13 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Carpegna and return to Gabicce Mare.  (119,42 km) look at the path
08 June – 14 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Gradara and return to Gabicce Mare. (57,38 km) look at the path
09 June – 15 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Montelicciano and return to Gabicce Mare. (80,65 kmlook at the path
10 June – 16 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Saludecio  and return to Gabicce Mare. (76,07 km round trip). look at the path

15:00 TIME TRIAL KING OF THE MOUNTAIN Gabicce Mare – Gabicce Monte. look at the path

11 June – 17 September from 08:00 to 10:00 departure for Urbino (83,71 km) and return to Gabicce Mare. look at the path
21:30 Award ceremony of the winning companies  and big party for the 40th anniversary.
(the program may be affected by changes)


The Challenge to the Pirate

Monday  – During the Regina stage, you will reach the village of Carpegna: The Challenge to the Pirate if you decide to climb to the top of Mount Carpegna (6.5km 10.5% average), challenging the hairpin bends dear to Pantani, we will reward you during the final Friday evening.

To check your “challenge”, take a selfie in front of the giant picture of the Pirate placed at the end of the climb together with your participation book.



Our organization always pays maximum attention to the needs of all cyclists. We are ready to welcome you with professionalism and kindness.It will be available to your precious bike our inner courtyard, while the meal times will be adjusted to the departures and arrivals of the program.

1st edition Active Relax”

Who will not participate in the trips, will have a representative of our team (multilingual) available for side activities of your choice, gymnastics on the beach, walks in the park, hiking, shopping, etc …

Excursions program

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