At the 4th place among the 21 undervalued places in Italy that deserve to be rediscovered according to the Telegraph there is GABICCE MARE Anne Hanley, author of our Venice guide, advises heading south from La Serenissima to Gabicce Mare. “Italy’s Adriatic coast is, on the whole, a very local place: a summer playground for Italian families,” she says. “Ranks of colour-coded umbrellas mark the progression from one beach concession to another along interminable stretches of flat white sand; nondescript developments of high-rise hotels occupy the flat shoreline, overlooked by more ancient towns in the hillier hinterland. “Gabicce Mare is a delightful exception to this rule. Intrepid visitors wanting more remote sands away from the beach umbrellas, can trek to secluded coves below the nearby hamlets of Fiorenzuola di Focara and Casteldimezzo: it’s an abrupt switch from order to wilderness.”
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