Gabicce Mare is a happy island,.....

… where most of the traffic goes out of the country, and for this reason, there are no parking spaces in the center, but only temporary parking spaces. The municipal parking (where we have in our guarded places) is at the entrance of the country at 2 km served by convenient call shuttles that bring back to the hotel.
Once you arrive at the hotel and unload your luggage, we will be happy to give you all the information to be able to park your car in the parking lot.

Summer 2020 free of charge!

The municipal administration has adopted a LTZ on most of the tourist center, so it is advisable to schedule the arrival in the morning because the cameras will be active from 8:00 pm. Our municipality is however sensitive to the needs of tourists and, if it happens to arrive at times when the prohibition is active, you must promptly notify the vehicle registration to the Hotel to avoid unpleasant sanctions.